Trademark-You originates out of an idea from Stefania Boleso, a Marketing and Digital Strategist. 
In over twenty years, she has contributed to the launch of new products and brands, developing all the different phases of the marketing plan, helping companies shine - both online and offline.
She is a professor at Catholic University in Milan, and is currently working with several universities and training centers for professionals around Italy.
She is also Head of Training at Pambianco E-Academy, an online academy to help train managers and professionals from the luxury industry to build and enhance their skills.

“After working on numerous different products and services, my interests have shifted towards the world’s greatest asset: people.
I firmly believe that personal communication, as well as the involvement of employees in any kind of corporate program, is expected to fail without a solid strategy behind it.
For this reason, I support professionals in building their own Professional Branding strategy and companies in devising custom Employee Advocacy projects, to enhance their staff by increasing their visibility, online and offline.
All this by utilizing my experience and skills, along with the marketing tools and techniques I have accumulated through the years”.

Our Skills

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Stefania Boleso

“It’s great to help businesses succeed, but it’s even better to help people succeed 🙂”

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We highlight the uniqueness of people.