Here at Trademark-You, we take inspiration from traditional marketing tools and redesign them to support the development of an effective professional branding strategy. We achieve this by using our original TMY model, the result of many years of experience in the marketing and communication industries. It has already been used successfully by numerous imanagers and professionals.


Are you a professional (or a C-Level Manager) that understands the importance of having a strong and recognizable brand to achieve your business goals?

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Trademark-You works together with you to design and built a personalized Professional Branding strategy which highlights your skills and allows you to increase your visibility and reputation, both offline and online.


Beginning from your current position and having the goals you want to achieve in mind,we will work together to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will then create a communication plan that highlights who you are, your potential and your abilities.

We also include essential features of digital education in our programs, as it is increasingly more important to master the tools made available by the web.

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Highlight your skills, reach your full potential.