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Who We Are

Trademark-You consists of a marketing team of professionals who have been working for many years in marketing and communications. After extensive experience marketing companies, building brands for organizations and institutions, and helping products and services shine, our interests have shifted towards the world’s greatest asset: people.

Everyone has their own personal brand, and we love using our experience to helping them build it. We put all the marketing tools and techniques we’ve gathered through the years to the service of individuals – just like you – to enable them to fully express their potential.

We market to your success. We work to trademark YOU.

Our Skills

Personal Branding
Online Marketing
Traditional Marketing
Online Reputation Management

Our Great Team

Valentina Paternoster

“I believe that managers and professionals can contribute to the visibility of the the companies they work for, if they highlight what they do...

Stefania Boleso

“You can not improvise on the web, especially if you have a reputation to build or strengthen and skills to highlight. I love creating...

Gabriella Sannino

“In today’s ever changing world, your brand and reputation are no longer what we tell your customers they are. Rather, your brand and reputation...