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Let your online reputation make you shine bright

What does your personal branding say about you?

The web is a powerful tool for personal branding. It can be used to increase your visibility exposure and reputation, among other things. Communicating without exactly knowing what to say, however, is like building a house of cards. Your efforts will go to waste at any little resistance.

For your efforts to be successful, you have to first define and build your self-marketing strategy. This strategy is then what you use to make sure your personal branding efforts aren’t in vain.

Here at Trademark-You, we apply our original TMY model, the result of our long-term experience in the marketing and communications world. This model, combined with the traditional marketing tools and techniques, has already been successfully used with several managers and professionals.

Together, we decide what your goals are, pinpointing what you’re aiming for. We analyse your values and skills. Then, we design a communications strategy that gives value to your talents.

Your goal is personal branding. Our goal is to make you the brightest star among stars!

Among our services:

  • Training courses for managers and employee groups on how to develop a self-marketing strategy to highlight one’s talents and, at the same time, reinforce the company image.
  • One-on-one workshops with managers, professionals, and public figures to define the strategy and build together the action plan.
  • Training, coaching and follow up on regular basis to implement the strategy.
  • Direct management of the online presence of managers/professionals/public figures.