We have offices in Milan and San Francisco

The web is your stage; let your online reputation shine

We create tailor made projects for professionals and companies.

The web is a powerful tool for personal branding. It can increase your visible exposure and reputation, among other things. Yet, communicating without exactly knowing what to say is like building a house of cards. Your efforts will go to waste at the slightest resistance.

For your efforts to be successful, first define a self-marketing strategy. Then, once defined, build that strategy. Your strategy is what you use to make sure your personal branding efforts aren’t in vain. It is the blueprint to your future success.

Here at Trademark-You, we take inspiration from traditional marketing tools and techniques, but have them to craft an effective self-marketing strategy. Our original TMY model is the result of our long-term experience in the marketing and communications industry. It has already helped several managers and professionals succeed.

Are you a professional (or a manager) with a clear idea of how important a strong, recognizable brand is in the effort to reach your business objectives?

Trademark-You works with you to design and build a tailor made self-marketing strategy to highlight your skills. We’ll help you reach your online and offline goals of visibility and reputation.

Are you an employer who understands your employees are your most important asset?

We at Trademark-You think the best way to add value to a company is through its employees. We create tailor made Employee Advocacy projects to transform employees into brand ambassadors. We help companies communicate (and grow) through the stories, competencies, and success of their people.

Our projects also include digital education, such as social networks. It is more important than ever that brand ambassadors know the value and potential of online tools.

Our mission is to highlight the employees: it is through their voice that the brand gets a new light.

Among our services:

  • Employee Advocacy projects for management teams and/or groups of employees, to transform coworkers into brand ambassadors. 
  • One-on-one workshops with managers, professionals, and public figures to define a strategy and build the action plan together.
  • Training, coaching and follow up on a regular basis to implement your strategy.
  • Direct management of the online presence of managers/professionals/public figures.